Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Programs For Kids At The Vancouver Public Library

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“Please get married and have a baby soon!” my father said to me when I lived in Japan, even though I didn’t have such a plan and I didn’t have a boyfriend! At that time I felt bad because of him but I’m a very good and serious girl. To prepare for unknown future, I visited the Vancouver Central Library to attend a program for kids without kids.

These programs are offered in many branches and are divided by children’s age.

Today I visited “Babytime”. It’s a program for children 1-2 years old. I enjoyed rhymes, songs, finger puppet plays and stories for babies.

When I was a child, my mum took me to these kinds of programs. I made many friends there and I learned lots from the picture book stories.  For example, a picture book taught me to tell the truth – if I told a lie, my tongue would be pulled out by the King of Hell! I’m honest with people because of the Hell King from my childhood!

Growing up, we often forget beautiful experiences of when we were children. But my memories with my childhood friends still remain as my treasures.

vancouver office space IMG01279 20100920 1557 300x225 Programs for kids at the Vancouver Public Library

The Vancouver Public Library has a unique program for male caregivers called “MAN IN THE MOON”.  It’s a program for male caregivers who are busy or want a closer relationship with their child. The program is for dads, stepdads, foster dads, granddads and all male caregivers and their little ones!

Male caregivers can learn how to communicate and play with their children. It is offered in English, Cantonese and Spanish. Sessions are for newborns to 36 months and admission is free. Also, registration is required for this program. For more information about the programs, you can call 604-331-3657. It is a chance to learn to have a great connection with your children. Otherwise, they’ll grow up and move out from your house soon!

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